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This section covers the world of Home HiFi. From budget micro systems (see our reviews of the NAD C715 DAB and the Arcam Solo Mini) to high-end audiophile seperates. Read our reviews of iPod docks, designer Hi-fi and best buy hi-fi tables showing all the major brands. User reviews gives insights into the best audio packages.

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Lindy NC-40 Headphones

Arcam Solo Mini

NAD C715 DAB Micro System

Sonos ZP80

Bose Sounddock

Denon TU1800 DAB Tuner



HiFi Separates

There's a wide choice of Hi-Fi speakers. But on closer inspection the choice can be narrowed down if you look at specific categories. For instance Wharfdale have dominated the budget bookshelf catagory for many years with their Diamond Series, but now the Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom has stolen the 100 budget speaker awards recently and the new Monitor Audio BR1 is set to rewrite the sector again. We look at each category to help you decide. Check also our user-voted best-buys.

AV Speakers

Your home cinema system is not complete without a set of quality AV Speakers to complement the plasma or LCD TV you may have. Packages start from around 200 but higher quality systems come in at around 300. All the big HiFi names now offer products in this market including Denon, Acoustoc Energy, Mission, EPOS, Tannoy, Yamaha, Kef, REL Acoustics, Wharfdale and Monitor Audio.

Featured Reviews - headphones

Listen to your favourite music tracks through a decent set of headphones and a whole new world can be revealed! The latest noise cancelling headphones from Lindy are one such product. Read our review to find out how good they are.

Featured Reviews - Micro Systems

Theres nothing like a quality Micro System to spice up your listening pleasure in the kitchen, bedroom or home office. The latest offerings from Denon, NAD, Yamaha, Onkyo and TEAC are all amazing value. Send us you own reviews and help other site users make their choice.

Featured Micro System - Denon DM33 CD

This latest offering from Denon is the replacement for the award winning DM31 that led the way in Micro Systems for so long. Competition from Yamaha and Onkyo has arrived since, so Denon do not have things all their own way anymore. Don't write-off the Teac CRH250 though for a quality alternative

Featured Amplifier - Arcam DiVA A80 Amplifier

The Arcam A80 is the newest offering from a historyof successful Arcam hi-fi amplifiers designs. Outstanding technical excellence, great sound quality and design ensure the legend continues. Also available in junior A65 and big brother A90 formats.

Featured Reviews - Bookshelf Speakers

We've always wanted to review again the Wharfdale Diamonds and pit them against the current opposition. Linn, Monitor Audio, EPOS, Tannoy and now Arcam all offer alternatives but are they worth the money and how do they sound against the Wharfdales? Read our review and send us you own opinions.


We don't just cover purchases - our guidance and user advice section will help you piece together the perfect system. Including selecting your all-important interconnects, speaker stands and speaker cable.


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For private listening there's nothing like a high quality pair of stereo headphones

Visit our Headphones section below for the latest models, user reviews and best buys. We take a look at Lindy, Sony, Beats, Sennheiser, Grado and Beyer Dynamic to mention a few.