Coffee Machines and Coffee Makers

The home coffee machine is suddenly becoming very popular. Gone are the days when people were satisfied with a simple filter coffee machine for home use, now they want the same luxury experience provided by trips to Costa and Starbucks. COffee machine manufacturers are responding to increased demand from non-commercial customers for higher quality machines and new products are being released all the time.

Our Favourite Coffee Machines

Coffee Machine reviews.

Gaggia Syncrony

gaggia synchronyThis is a fully automatic coffee machine meaning tha you just add unground beans, water and leave the machine to do the rest. You'll have to froth your own milk if you want a cappucinno of course. The Syncrony Logic makes high quality espresso and includes various features to make it easy to use and clean.

De Longhi Nespresso

De Longhi nespressoThe DeLonghi Magnifica Coffee Maker is another automatic coffee machine that grinds its own beans before making a perfect espresso. The coffee grinder has settings for several coursenesses and the machine is adjustable for small as well as tall cups. To get the desired crema it has a powerfull 15 bar pump. Variable cleaning and decalcifying programmes help keep the machine clean hile the large 20 cup tank allows you to make plenty of coffee before needing to refill.

Dualit Espressivo

dualit espressivo A small, stylish neat and quality machine the Dualit Espressivo will be a great addition to any kitchen. Read our full review by clicking the link above. It's a low cost alternative to the fully automatic coffee makers featured above but you can spend the money saved to buy high quality coffee.

Coffee Beans

However great your coffee machine, if you feed it poor quality coffee then you'll get what you deserve; an average cup of coffee. The differnece between average coffee and the best quality alternatives can be around double, but when considered in realtion to the overall cost of your cup of coffee the price difference becomes almost insignificant. Using the best coffee may only cost you 10p per cup more - easliy worth it.

The Cost of home coffee

There's absolutely no doubt that your home-made cup of coffee is going to be cheaper than the high street equivalent. Even if you bought the most expensive machine, used the best coffee and organic milk available, you'll easily beat the costs charged by Costa et al. They have all kinds of overheads to cover that simply disappear when you make your coffee at home. Your £3.00 double shot latte from the high street may only cost 50p when made at home.