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This section covers the ever-expanding world of DVD recorders and HDD recorders. From cheaper compact models, through professional quality models. We have reviews and best buys tables showing all the major brands, including the latest new models.

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Sony RDR HXD860s HDD Recorder

Sony RDR GX120 DVD Recorder

DVD Recorders

The choice of compact dvd recorders is growing all the time and prices are dropping. Help make your choice easier by browsing our user reviews and our user-voted best-buys.

HDD Recorders

Various categories of HDD Recorders are emerging - and models are now sporting mixed combinations of facilities in the same unit - eg Freeview receivers, DVD recorders,

Featured Review - Pioneer DVR-440HX-S

The latest new release fom Pioneer. Replacing the popular older model, the new DVR-440HX-S features some significant increases in performance over it's older sibling, especially the new 80GB harddrive. The DVR440 features Freeview digital and analogue tuners, twin scarts and will transfer from hard disk to DVD at up to 100x normal speed - it'll even convert long programmes to squeeze onto your disc at the best available data rate. It also playsback plays back MP3, DivX & JPEG. Expect our users to be sending in reviews and opinion shortly, but for now check our initial impressions of the latest HDD DVD Recorder.

Featured Review - Sony RDR-HX510

This recorder is the latest in a long line of top quality dvices produced by Sony. It features oIQ recording and the latest Matrix Noise Reduction feature that diminishes 'digital noise' using three different noise reduction technologies simultaneously. In addition the DVD recorder includes the new feature 'Pause Live TV' which allows the user to pause a live programme via the remote control. This feature means users can view their programmes with a delay or simply fast forward to catch up with the real time broadcast, thus giving consumers control over how they wish to view their programmes.compact digital. Read our mini-review and check our best buy table to see how it compares.

Featured Review - Lite-on 5045

At under 200 this recorder sports a massive 160GB harddrive. Not somn long back this sort of device would have cost well over 500. Now ranking as one of the most popular affordable models the Lite-on brand is giving some of the big names a run for their money. A class leader when first released, LiteOn have taken the DVD recorder to the next level with the introduction of their flagship model the LVW-5045. This superior DVD recorder incorporates the same "AllWrite" technology, an enhanced Guider navigation system cunningly titled Easy Guider 2 and as mentioned a huge 160GB hard drive that can store up to 198 hours of material.


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DVDs for use in DVD recorders are continually improving.

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