Naim products first hit the high street back in the early 1970's with their NAC preamps and NAP power amps. Their distinctive styling and high quality sound production have won many fans over the years and have steadily moved with the times and held their ground in a dynamic market. They are now most proud of their NAC552 preamplifier, NAP500 power amplifier, the CD555 CD player. The company is based in the UK in Salisbury and say they move cautiously as trends come and go, sticking to their principles of high quality, fantastic sound reproduction.

Our Favourite Naim Products

Naim product reviews.

Naim NAC 552 Preamplifier

naim 552Naim have been producing great pre-amp / power amp combinations for over 30 years and always command respect during an audition. You'll pay for the privilege of owning Naim Hi-fi but your investment will be long lived and is sure to stand the test of that time with endless pleasure and listening delight. Naim are suitably pround of their 552 Preamplifier. Naim say the quality of the power suply is at the heart of this machine and remarkable isolation through a suspended sub-chassis is a big contributor. When you are chasing ulitmate sound quality, things like this make a great difference.

Naim DBL Speakers

naim dbl speakers Not the first brand to come to mind when looking at top spec floorstanding speaker, these Naim DBL speaker can hold their own, just about, but are built with Naim fans in mind. If you own or are looking to buy other Naim components, then the DBL's will match perfectly. They're not small mind you, housing a huge 15" bass driver that copes with anything thrown at it. Capable of handlng 200W easily, these units include just as much electronic technology as they do driver advances.

Naim CD555 CD Player

naim cd555 Naim usually receives plenty of accolades for it's amplification products but little elsewhere. That all changed with the Naim CD555 CD player which has already won awards in it's class when pitted against the usual CD player pack leaders like Marantz, Cyrus and Roksan. We shouldn't be surprised as Naim won awards for CD players years back with the CDX2 and CDS3 models.


It may seem odd talking about headphones on a page covering Naim products, becuase none of their mainstream amps include a headphone output - for that you'll need to purchase their additional headphome amplifier, but if you're serious about headphone listening you don't want compromises and will go down the seperate headphome amp route anyway. The Naim Headline 2 will cost you around £300 but when paired with a quality headset like the Grado SR325i, Grado RS1 or Sennheiser HD650 you'll find yourself immersed in head-tingling phonics in complete privacy.

Headphone Amps

Wit hmany top-spec amps now omitting to provide a headphone output you may need tolook at headphone amps if you need listening privacy. We mentioned the Naim Headline 2 above but there are other choices like the Creek OBH-21 and Creek OBH-22 which cost around £200 and £300 respectively. For smaller budgets the Pro-ject headbox has good reviews and costs around £75 while more discerning buyers may opt for the £850 Beyerdynamic A1 .