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This section covers the exciting world of plasma and LCD TV's. A revolution in home TV is happening right now. Don't get left behind! We have reviews and best buys tables showing all the major brands, including the latest new models. With prices on LCD TVs now falling rapidly, highly capable sets are available at the same prices as traditional TV's only a few years back.

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Plasma TVs

The choice of Plasma TVs is already bewildering and it's not getting any simpler. We help make your choice easier by reviewing the latest models. There are also reader reviews and our user-voted best-buys.


The quality of LCD TVs is improving all the time and the current crop of models are enough to tempt anyone who hasn't entered the Digital TV world yet. Prices are getting keener as a result of wider market acceptance, more competiton and the decline of traditional TV technology. We help through the various brands and model. Add your own reviews to help new buyers and paticipate in our user votes.

Featured Package - Monster 47" Toshiba LCD

Toshiba 47wlt66Imagine a 47" Plasma gracing your living room - this great package on offer currently from Comet includes a Freeview integrated DVD recorder with 160GB harddrive - all for around 2800 - check out our mini-review.

Featured Review - PIONEER PDP-436SXE-T

pdp436sxe-tThe stunning HD Ready plasma TV from Pioneer featuring integrated Freeview and Pure Drive 2 HD picture enhancement. 10 megapixel sensor. Expect our users to be sending in reviews and opinion shortly, but for now check our initial impressions of the latest semi-pro digital SLR.

Featured Review - TOSHIBA 32WLT66

Toshiba 32wlt66Another 32inch hd ready lcd tv with integrated freeview tuner from Toshiba. Toshiba have always been favourites of ours with reliabley great picture quality.


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