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Nothing changes quite as rapidly in the technotalk as printers - just a quick search on the net will reveal thousands of choices. So how do you choose when the market is so dynamic, the terminology so varied and the offerings all very similar? This page on TechnoTalk aims to help with TechnoQuick descriptions of each type and a selection of our current best buy favourites.

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Canon MP600

HP Photosmart C-3180

Photo Printers

The digital revolution brought a huge increase in photo taking and with it a surge in home photo printing - the convenience factor is huge in this days of consumer impatience - no more sending off films and waiting 2 weeks for your 36 blurred prints to return. With a decent digital camera and a photoprinter you can do the whole thing your self in a few minutes for a fraction of the cost. But one thing to watch - home printing uses a high volume of ink and there is a cost to all this convenience.

Canon iP6700D Photo Printer

HP Photosmart C-3180

Combination Printers

If you home printer needs to cope with a mix of print jobs: letters, reports, a low volume of photos (small ones), envelopes, cards and possibly the odd scanning job, then one of the current all-singing and dancing combo printers is what you need. These are our favourites at the moment

Canon MP600

Laser Printers

If you print mainly text documents, letters, reports and the like and need the speed to be able to print multi-page documents quickly then you need to keep away from the current trend of photo printers which will be slower for that type of printing and most certainly more expensive options in terms of ink cartridges.

HP Laserjet 1020

Office Printers

Looking for a more substantial beast to withstand the knocks and scrapes of busy office life then here's our choice of the current best buys. Don;t be tempted with a cheaper home-type alternatives, they're not likely to last the course.

HP Laserjet 4250N

Featured Review - Canon MP600

canon mp600Currently our favourite printer - does just about all you would ever want

Photos prints, docs, scans, copies are all taken in it's stride - doesn't make tea unfortunately but what do you expect for 93?!

Canon MP600


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