Canon Powershot G10

canon powershot g10The long awaited announcement of the Canon Powershot G10 compact digital camera aimed at the semi-pro user has arrived. Prior to the official announcement just a few days ago there had been much debate about the G10 release date and the features of this camera, but now we know that the G10 model will be available in retail outlets both in the US and UK sometime in October.

Canon have kept the same 1/1.7" CCD as the G9 camera had but have upgraded the sensor to the new DIGIC4 which promises better algorithms, ultra-fast operation, and rich, lower-noise images with excellent clarity and colour reproduction. This image quality was the major improvement commentators were asking for and it seems Canon designers have listened to make sure the G10 position as market leader will be assured.

The Powershot G10 sports a new lens specification aof 28mm- 140mm (35mm equiv) providing a wider angle bottom end while sacrificing some of the G9's top end zoom. A new high 14.7 megapixel resolution is provided which should be ample for any camera of this layout. The lens now addresses the limited wide-angle suitability of the older model and makes it more suitable for interior and landscape shots (which should make it a favourite of property professionals) . The new optical zoom spec is only 5x, compared to the the 6x of the G9. Another issue raised with the previous Powershot G model was limited battery life (claimed only to allow up to 240 shots from a single charge) and the new G10 should have a more powerful yet lighter battery but we have limited information on the new battery at the moment. Pricing as predicted is set at $499, but already UK retailers are quoting a high £442 retail price which is shockingly higher considering tthe current dollar exchange rate.

Reading through the features of the previous Canon pro-sumer compact G9, it's difficult to see what Canon could add to the new G10 model to significantly improve things. RAW shooting, flash hot-shoe, wide ISO range, on-camera editing, large 3inch viewfinder, sturdy metal case build quality and great image stabilisation were all present before. There were however criticisms about poor performance in the higher ISO ranges with claims that ISO800 and ISO1600 results were very disappointing. But Canon has done a number of things to up the ante on the old G9 and they could be onto a winner.

The Powershot G10 will continue to be the portable standby choice for many professional photographers, at least until something similar is released by Nikon or Leica.

We'll add further details about the G10 specification as we get used to the new model. We've already heard about some retailers saying that the older model is no longer available, so there could be plenty of buyers for the G10 already powershot g10 rear view

The timing of the release of the new G10 follows the G9 release by around 2 years so don't expect a new Canon Powershot G11 until sometime in 2010.

Price - we hope the G10 will be available at a similar price to the G9 - just under £300 currently but at the moment, although no stores actually have stock, the prices is being quoted as £449. We'll just have to wait until stock arrives before we start to see some more competitive prices

  • Canon Powershot G10 - compact digital camera
  • 14.7 million pixels resolution
  • 28mm - 140mm f2.8 / f4.8 lens
  • 5 x optical zoom
  • New interface layout with dedicated exposure compensation dial
  • ISO dial now wraps around the mode dial
  • new RAW file editing software
  • improved battery performance
  • Digic 4 processor
Powershot G10

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