Denon TU1800 DAB Tuner

It seems that many people now have portable DAB radios ( most common are Pure DAB, Intempo DAB or Roberts DAB) but relatively few have added a digital radio to their hi-fi seperates system. Many of the current options appear expensive next to their portable counterparts, but prices are coming down and this offering from Denon comes in at under 200 from most retailers. It looks the part and offers 200 presets (100 DAB + 100 AM/FM)- not that many locations in the UK can receive that many stations yet. The TU1800 received a top Best Buy award from What Hi-Fi magazine so it does it's stuff well. Main features of the Denon TU1800 are :

  • 192kHz/24bit DAC
  • 200 station presets
  • DAB / FM / AM
  • Choice of optical or coaxial digital outputs
  • Brushed aluminium with dimmable dot matrix display
  • Remote control
  • Autotune feature
Denon TU1800

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