Lindy NC-40 Noise Cancelling Headphones

The resurgence of audio headphones over recent years has been dramatic and along with the general growth of the market, noise-cancelling headphones have also grown in popularity. There are now some very competent and affordable noise-cancelling models available and the new Lindy NC-40 headphones are worthy of careful consideration. At this price point, given the expensive alternatives offered by Bose and Sennheiser, you may be forgiven for thinking that these can't compete in terms of audio quality. That's what we thought but in fact they are more than a match for some well-known rivals. The noise-cancelling feature works unobtrusively, in fact these headphones need that feature turned on to sound their best (make sure you keep spare batteries available). We listened to them alongside the long-established Sennheiser HD 25 SP headphones, a model used extensively in the broadcast industry, and these Lindy headphones compare favourably - a pleasant surprise. The Lindy NC-40 headphones are provided complete with a handy soft case, 2 sizes of jack plug, a 1.5m cable and a flight adapter plug so that you can use these headphones with aircraft audio systems.

If you have never used noise cancelling headphones then you'll be amazed at how they can isolate you from surrounding background noise - perfect for travelling, commuting or just locking yourself away from interruptions for a while.

lindy nc-40 headphones on caseHaving made your decision, what exactly do you get for your £40? Well a pretty decent set of headphones which have a quality feel and deliver a top quality sound too. You'll need to keep an eye on the strength of the AAA battery that sits in these phones, because sound quality will start to suffer once the battery weakens.

  • Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones
  • 2 x 40mm drivers
  • Impedance: 40 Ohms Passive Mode / 70 Ohms NC mode
  • 16dB Active Noise Cancelling
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20KHz
  • 3.5mm stereo jack plus with 6.3mm adapter included
  • 1.5m detachable cable
  • 39.98 RRP
  • up to 30 hour battery life
  • black, soft carry case
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