morphy richards 48280 breadmakerLong time provider of capable and value-for-money small domestic appliances to the UK, Morphy Richards sell this small breadmaker aimed at the typical family.

It's a breadmaker without all the bells and whistles of the Panasonic range but it does its job very adequately. There are 2 loaf sizes available and if you're in a rush it can bake your bread in just 80 minutes.

Anyone familiar with home breadmaking, or any professional baker for that matter, will realise that speed is not always of the essence when it comes to baking bread. Of course if you are in a hurry then the 80 minute capability of the Morphy Richards 48280 can get you out of a sticky situation, but for proper taste and texture you'll need to allow much more time for a bread machine to kneed and allow rising time. The best loaves are twice risen to achieve a better bread.

The Morphy Richards model does have a timer to allow you to preset it to produce a loaf of bread while you sleep, but our experience with cheaper breadmakers is that they can be noisy. We used an older Morphy Richards model for a while that was so loud it would wake even the deepest sleepers in the early hours and keep you wide-eyed during it's initial mixing cycle of up to an hour. Not exactly what you'd be looking for in a breadmaker.

So what does this 48280 breadmaker do exactly? Well it makes two different loaf sizes according to the manufacturer, 1lb, 1.5lb and 2 lb - ?? Yes just what we thought - perhaps Morphy Richards have trouble counting? It has 3 differnet crust settings and provides a large viewing window (other manufacturers claim this is a bad idea as it can affect the quality of the bread produced.

It can also be used as a pseudo-oven in that it can make jam, cakes or even other things that can be baked on a timer in an open top tin.

It also has a dough-only setting, which allows you to produce the dough for rolls that are risen elsewhere and baked in a conventional oven.

Price - available in the usual electrical outlets at around £44.99. Breadmakers are in high demand at the moment but you may still get a small discount if you look hard enough through the online retailers.

  • Bakes 3 loaf sizes
  • 3 Crust types available
  • 13 hour time
  • Cool Touch casing
  • includes measuring cup and recipe book
  • Dough only option

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