Nikon D300

nikon d300When the Nikon D300 was announced earlier this year digital camera reviewers were astounded by the quality this camera was able to produce. Comparisons were made with the professional D3 model and many wondered if the D300 had taken much of its inner workings from the its older brother.

Later in the year the D700 model was released and again rumours of technology sharing were suggested. When pitted against each other in relatively unchallenging situations there is very little to choose between these cameras.

They all shoot at a resolution of up 12 MP (unless you attach a DX model lens when the D3 and D700 will downgrade themselves to 5MP due to their larger sensors) and they feature many of the same design and handling characteristics. The primary differences are very few but can be significant depending on the users requirements.

Here are the headline feature differences between these Nikon cameras:

The D300 uses the smaller DX format CMOS sensor, shoots 6 fps, has self-cleaning sensor feature, 12.3 million effective pixels, built-in flash

The D700 uses the full frame FX format CMOS sensor, shoots 5 fps, has self-cleaning sensor feature, 12.1 million effective pixels, built-in flash

The D3 uses the full frame FX format CMOS sensor, shoots 9 fps, has more powerful battery and pro-grip, 12.1 million effective pixels, no flash

Because the D300 is effectively a younger, smaller sibbling of the D3, it can appear complicated and cumbersome to the true amateur user, as can be seen from this rear feature d300 rear view

For someone not prepared to put in the hours to read and understand the comprehensive manual thoroughly we would suggest opting for the new Nikon D90 model, which has very capable image reproduction skills whilst retaining a healthy dose of ease of use. It is also substantially cheaper. Here are the street prices of these Nikon models in the UK at the moment. ( we'll not consider the new Nikon D3x as it is only just announced and only RRP prices exist for now

  • Nikon D3 - £2600
  • Nikon D700 - £1600
  • Nikon D300 - £925
  • Nikon D90 - £635

Pricewise the D90 seems to represent amazing value when you consider that all these cameras shoot at the same max resolution but there is more judging digital SLRs than just effective pixels.

  • Nikon D300 - SLR digital camera
  • 12.3 million pixels resolution
  • sensitivity ISO 200 - 3200 (extenable to 100 and 6400)
  • 6 frames per second ( 8 fps with optional battery grip)
  • 3 inch 922,000 pixel LCD monitor
  • Manual pop-up flash on board
  • Nikon EXPEED image processor
  • shoots JPEG and RAW - includes RAW file editing software
  • battery performance - 11.1 Wh
  • Weight 903g with battery
Nikon D300

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