Siemens SL565 VOIP Phone

sl565This neat looking phone from Siemens is a cordless handset with Bluetooth capability. It's not a VOIP phone - no the Bluetooth facility just allows you to use a handsfree headset - yes one of those you need when using your mobile in the car.

But why you would want to walk around your house with one beats me. Perhaps you need to talk while doing other things with your hands - doing the ironing or mowing the lawn perhaps?. The SL565 does look great though and will grace any high-tech owners desk or coffee table. Main features are :

  • DECT Cordless phone
  • Bluetooth
  • Base station charges phone
  • Additional handsets available
  • Cost around 130 (200 with additional handset)
  • 250 name phonebook
  • High quality speakerphone
  • Bluetooth headset not included
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