Sony RDR-GX120

rdr-gx120No so long ago, before the arrival of affordable HDD recorders, a recordable DVD recorder like this would have cost upwards of 500. In fact many of the people who bought into the DVD recorder market earlier have already ditched their first devices after struggling with incompatibilty issues and the like.
This machine from Sony brings all the usual Sony style and ease of use, together with rock solid compatibility options. Not much chance of your disks being unplayable on other devices. It can also play CD and MP3 formats for music only. Main features are :

  • DVD Recorder
  • 1 disc
  • Playable formats: DVD Video, VCD, SVCD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, CD (Audio), CD-R, CD-RW
  • TV Tuner - (record one channel while watching another via your TV)
  • Video DAC: 12 bit / 108 MHz
  • Inputs: RF (TV) x 1, RGB (via SCART), Composite (via SCART), S-Video (via SCART)
  • Outputs: Composite x 1, S-Video x 1, Component x 1, RGB (via SCART), Analogue Audio x 1, Digital Audio Coaxial x 1, RF x 1, S-Video (via SCART)
  • Recordable Media: DVD+R, DVD+RW
  • Recording Speeds: SP, LP, EP, SLP, HSP, HQ
  • Programmable Timer: VCR Plus+, 40 Events up to 30 Days
  • Remote Control
  • Display Dimmer
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