Tannoy Speakers

Tannoy have been producing high quality and affordable speakers for many years. The Tannoy Mercury was the hot entry-level hi-fi speaker favourite back in the 1980's and on the back of that success Tannoy have kept the Mercury model going ever since. The Tannoy Arena home cinema package and the Tannoy Dimension ranges show they are still a force to be reckoned with.

Our Favourite Tannoy Speakers

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Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom - Featured Tannoy Speaker

tannoy mercury f1 customThe current best buy bookshelf speaker, costing around 100 from most retailers and receiving rave reviews for performance that far exceeds that price tag. Available in 2 wood shades, front ported and at 8 ohms impedance, the Tannoy Mercury F1 Customs are designed to work with most budget systems and seperates. You'll struggle to find a better 100 speaker pair.

Tannoy Sensys DC1

The Tannoy Sensys DC1, so named becasue it features the famous dual-concentric driver is the next level up from Tannoy's Mercury range. Not as good looking in our view but certainly capable of great sound delivery, which is what counts after all. It delivers on all frequencies and provides a sweetness of sound rarely found elsewhere at this price, help by the top-mounted super tweeter. The price range is around 250.

Tannoy Dimension TD8 TD12

Replacing the old Definition series the Dimension range offer high tech looks to complement any contemporary room and the trademark Tannoy quality sound.

The TD8, TD10 and TD12 floorstander speaker range all incorporate the latest Wideband technology, assisted by the top-mounted super tweeters. To accompany these models in a home theatre setup the Dimension C centre speaker and Dimension Sub provide the perfect partners.

All models are built to exacting construction standards and their combination of stylish design including chrome features and curved cabinets will enhance any room setting. Scale, excitement and impact are the terms used to describe their abilities but you'll need to pay for that, with a pair of TD12's costing around 6500.

Tannoy Arena

The Tannoy Arena speaker package provides high quality sound and great-looking flat panel speakers to bring the best out of any home system setup that needs a small and stylish audio component. The basic Tannoy Arena package is good enough but it's the Tannoy Arena Highline 500 that takes it home. Costing around 2500 it's scooped plenty of awards and deserves an audition.

Speaker Cable

The best speaker simply can't perform without a top quality feed and getting the signal from your amplification to your speakers requires a competent set of cables. Your speaker budget will be aligned to the cost of your other seperates but even the most basic 5 per metre QED Silver Anniversary XT will be a massive improvement over any supplier provided wires.

Stereo Interconnects

AS well as speaker cable, the other interconnects for your system will pay dividends if you invest wisely. QED compares wll to the competition with it's Performance and Qunex ranges. Alsolook at Chord Company Scart, Supra and Philex. The cheaper Monster DVI400 gives amazing picture quality for not much money.